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Inspired Healing Transformations
 Live Your Best Life Now!



This is a life-changing experience, so be ready to let go of all blocks that no longer serve you! The FOUNDATION series is focused at eliminating some of your greatest distractions and fears, getting you ready to move into your greatest life!

Author your destiny anew!
Here are the issues we are eliminating in this FOUNDATION series:
Anger, Frustration, & Unworthiness, Trust Issues & Impatience, Separation & Resistance, & Fear. When these fears are removed you will find that your life from that moment forward is changed forever.

Each Foundation class is 2 full days (evening classes also available).

Foundation 1: Anger, Frustration, & Unworthiness $400

Anger, Frustration, & Unworthiness

Foundation 2: Trust Issues & Impatience

Trust Issues & Impatience

Foundation 3: Separation & Resistance
Separation & Resistance

Foundation 4: Releasing Fear & Living in Freedom
Releasing Fear & Living in Freedom



  Foundation Series
  Living Life to Your Fullest Potential
    Half Day
    Full Day
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  Refund Policy

The entire registration fee will be refunded in a timely manner when cancelling 3 weeks prior to the workshop or if the workshop is cancelled by the instructor.

If cancellation is less than 3 weeks prior to the workshop, a refund will be processed, minus the non-refundable deposit. As a service, this deposit may be applied to a future workshop.





  To schedule a private session, please email Kristen to book an appointment. A one hour consultation is $140.  



You will leave this series with a new FOUNDATION that will amaze you in how the pillars you created are now changing your life! We make decisions based on choices we understand. Fear blocks you from seeing 87% of the most amazing opportunities that are available to you RIGHT now!

It’s time for you for live the life of your greatest gifts and opportunities. The best of your life is waiting! You’re worth it – come and live your greatest life today!

Contact Kristen for more information or to book a private session at (519) 590-1565 or